What We Fight

The Road to Building a World Free from Human Trafficking. Time Is Up!

In partnership with other firms, slaver.info works to ensure that freedom is given back to victims while pushing for strict implementation of laws.

Slaver.info is one of the world’s most reputable globally recognized human rights portal, fighting against human trafficking and slavery.

Modern-day slavery manifests itself in various ways, and slaver.info strives to eradicate them. These types of slavery include:

  • Human trafficking
  • Domestic servitude
  • Early and forced marriages
  • Bonded labor
  • Wicked child labor
  • Immigrant exploitation, epitomizing slavery
  • Debt bondage
  • Ancestry-related slavery.

Our community pledges to work on both the causes and impacts of slavery to create a long-term solution.

To affirm the organization’s mission towards the fight against slavery, we approach various issues differently. Firstly, there is awareness creation, then there is a campaign, and finally there is a section that interacts with the authorities directly as a voice for the victims.

Another section of our community partners with related organizations with a common interest that has helped us gather ideas, get a better view and understanding of the real problem. Also, this helps in finding innovative approaches to achieve our goals cautioned at creating a better world free from slavery.

Together with other firms with similar motives, we provide support through seeking justice and compensation for victims of slavery as well as educational programs.

Slaver.info is a certified member of International Labor Organization Special List of NGOs. We also have close relations with UN Economic and Social Council and with the Council of Europe.

Together with our partners, we envision:

  1. To bring slavery crimes to the light.
  2. Find the best solutions to slavery and voice the victims’ plight to authorities.
  3. Push for the effective stipulation of laws against slavery.
  4. Protect vulnerable individuals from slavery and help demand for respect for human life and rights.
  5. Create conducive environments for victims during recovery.
  6. Partner with private entities to identify slavery and rectify situations.